Our Next 4 Years lends our creative talents to produce animated PSAs for progressive causes that are being negatively impacted by the current administration.


  • Health care reform
  • Minorities’ rights
  • Women’s & reproductive rights
  • Immigrants’ rights
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Privacy and 1st Amendment rights
  • Climate & Environmental issues
  • Religious tolerance
  • Government Reform
  • Facts & Journalism
  • Midterm Elections
  • Education

We do not wish to dictate agenda so much as creatively partner with existing organizations that are working in these areas. Once we form a partnership, we split off a production team to complete the PSA in our virtual animation studio.

For each attempt to roll back hard fought social and economic gains won over the past 70 years, we fight back with messages to help stem the regressive tide. And we will fight for progressive candidates to take back Congress!